A downloadable game for Windows

You're taking on water! Your ship is terrible, and you need to replace it. Get to land as soon as possible, try to find a dock if you can. Once you're there, see if you can find some other way to get around, and to replace your creaky old ship. Maybe a zeppelin? Who knows, see where the world takes you! 

Player controls

WASD - move, Space - jump, Shift - run

Ship controls

WASD - move ship, M - open map, ESC - close map

When near a dock, press 2 to enter player mode. When near the dock in player mode, press 1 to enter your ship. 

All music by Kevin MacLeod or by permission from other sources. All outside assets obtained with permissions from creators.

Made for MLWGS App Development Seminar Final Showcase 2017

Published Jun 01, 2017


A Lonely Pirate.exe 17 MB